Friday, July 15, 2011

This Week's Winner - That's Not So Bad

This week's Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest is Bon - with her entry of "I have a message for you." But that's naughty - you might think... when and where would a person ever wear that necklace? Well, says I - consider this scenario:

The Boss: Do you have that 11 page report I asked for yesterday? I put a sticky note on your desk at 4:30. I think it fell under your chair 'cause it wasn't really sticky.

You: Yesterday was my 25th wedding anniversary. Michelle Obama and the Dali Lama flew in to celebrate with us - we had a marvelous dinner. I left early yesterday, remember? You gave me permission.

The Boss: Who cares. Have that report on my desk by 9:30.
You: It's 9:25.
The Boss: Then why are you standing here telling me about your personal life. Get going.
You: {with a sweet smile on your face and your middle finger on your chin} I have a message for you.
The Boss: Who cares. And where did you get that necklace?
You: Two Dog Pond.
The Boss: Get another one and wrap it up for my wife. Our 50th Anniversary is next week. She said she wants jewelry and I think she'd love it.
You: I'm sure she would.

See? That pendant is not so bad....


Bon said...

Woo Hoo!! Winner winner chicken dinner!! And I really do have a message for you - thank you! I will wear this very useful necklace with pride.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, you are hilarious!! Thanks for your clever scenario and a good laugh to start the day.

Jill said...

I'd didn't even notice which finger...even when you had the close up, I'm thinking, "she noticed what?". But thanks to your narration, I'm up to speed. It takes quite a bit to get me up to speed sometimes, thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...