Monday, June 13, 2011

Last Week's Necklace Contest Winner - Yo' Momma

Last week's necklace contest was delayed because I burned up my soldering iron - a new one has arrived, and I love it! I just finished soldering last week's winning pendant - Miss Lorelei said "My mama wore combat boots." (I just realized I spelled Momma differently than Lorelei... hope she doesn't mind!) When I first read this comment, I was too slow to realize it is a great honor to say that... So - here's to the women that serve their country wearing combat boots! And here's to you, Miss Lorelei, for suggesting it! E-mail me with your mailing address and I will get your necklace right out. Did you notice that Natalie asked if she could buy one? Here's what the back of hers looks like... It's on the way to you, Miss Natalie! Thank you!

Sometimes I pretend I'm being interviewed for a show... Here's the interview that went on in my head today:

Them: So Rachel, were you able to come up with some inventory for the 4th of July while your soldering iron was MIA?

Me: Yes. Here's my favorite - it's a bullet bracelet.

Them: Did you shoot the gun those came from? Are you some kind of lunatic member of NRA? Did you kill anything while shooting those bullets? Does the wearer need to be aware of what poor animal lost it's life while you were making this bracelet?

Me: Nothing was killed that didn't need to be. With me shooting a pistol, even the target is safe. My aim sucks. The same is not to be said about me with a rifle, however.

Them: You're a nutjob. What else did you do?

Me: I etched this pendant and made this lovely necklace. It features a Hans Christian Anderson Quote: One must have Sunshine, Freedom and a little flower.

Them: Did you shoot at it when you were done?

Me: Shut up.

Me: I also made some lampworked headpins. Nothing spectacular... I just love making them.

Them: You know this interview will never air. You're quite boring and ridiculous.

Me: Thank you. Now get out of my head, pin.

Perhaps I really do spend too much time alone in my studio....


Bon said...

Me: You crack me up.
You: Thank you. I crack myself up.

Jilly Bean said...

I think you have lost it but that what I love about you. You can't say that crazy people are ever boaring...But I come from a long line of crazy. And you are not alone you allways have the voices in your head to keep you company.

Natalie said...

Ooo...I love it already Rachel!! Can't wait to get it! My check is on it's way too!!
Thanks a bunch!!

Jill said...

I may just need to come visit all of you in your studio someday. :) I don't think I'm going to join you again this 4th, unless things fall into place. Maybe I'll just come to shop. The lampwork head pins are toooooo wonderful.

Lorelei said...

Oh, I'm so excited....I entered my mama wore combat boots because I wore them as a WAC nearly 40 years ago. Thank you so much for choosing me.

E Makes Art said...

Ha ha ha!!!! You are hilarious missy!!! I haven't stopped by in quite a while, but I'm so glad I did today so I could read this!!! Love it!! Thanks sharing your crazy with us!!!


E Makes Art said...

oops... that's thanks *for* sharing your crazy with us. (I'm no so sane myself)


Two Dog Pond said...

I think you're all crazy too. Except of course, for you.

Kitty said...

sing it with me... pass the lithium from the left hand side.

Vikki Gremel said...

LOVE the bullet bracelet and the flag pendant. I'll buy one on the 4th if you've got a supply handy!
Saving my pennies...

jacklynn4 said...

Ok, I MUST have a charm that says:

"You know this interview will never air. You're quite boring and ridiculous."

Maybe with a pic of a bored women on the other side?????