Monday, February 7, 2011

Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest - Something to Say

For this week's necklace contest I've chosen a different sort of image. This woman could be listening, she could have something profound to say, or she's about to do some fancy Chinese acrobatics... I can't tell. This is where you come in: submit a phrase, word, symbol, comment, or quote that you think would best fit this image. Enter as often as you like! Check back often to see what your fellow entrants are entering - it's good, cheap entertainment.
On Friday, a winner will be chosen and rewarded with a soldered glass pendant hanging on a 24" ball chain.


Kitty said...

ha! Georgia Satellites is playing in the background as I opened this so I'll just say

"Don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself"

Jenny said...

LOL! Love that song Miss Kitty!

I was thinking along the lines of
:you want if done that it yourself"
Or "Bite Me" ...
There really needs to be a sarcastic font!!

JAS said...

come sit and stay a while

the hills are alive.....

mommy time out

even mommy's need a time out

Anonymous said...

Center of attention whether you like it or not

Mrs. Bossy

My way or the highway

You were saying...?

Are you listening to me?!?

Repeat after me... "Yes, Dear."

Don't make me repeat myself

Saying something nicely gets the job done.

Nobody willingly follows a harsh dictator.


Unknown said...

Does this look natural?

Again. With Attitude.

Anonymous said...

Do you hear me? Do you hear me now?

Don't make me come over there!

:-) Jan

Bernie said...

Hey...don't judge me!

Meg Carey said...

I would never do anything so vulgar!........ Did you just say strapping young man looking for a bride?

Following His Plan, Not Ours said...

"Ya don't say?"

"You say bitch, like it's a bad thing."

"You Can't Touch This"


"What's Not to Love?"

Miss Kathy said...

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!" - Rhett Butler

You want me to do what?

I shouldn't have eaten so much bean dip!

Smile when you say that!

You live where? Nebraska?

nomaloke said...

You wanna piece of me?

I feel pretty.... oh so pretty!!!

Don't hate me cause you ain't me!!!!

Bernie said...

Kiss me, why don't you!

Anonymous said...

Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful.

Move it or lose it.

My corset is so tight I need a stiff drink.

Vintage Revamped said...

I love a good game of musical chairs!

lee said...

flirty girl fit- old school style

grandma was known for her old-fashioned lap dances.

grandma demonstrates how she got grandpa to buy her a new rose bush.

grandma liked to play "musical chairs" by herself, to boost her self-esteem.

and up and down, and up and down, do 4 more reps. this exercise helps you to have shapely wrists.