Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wipe Out

I wore these earrings to church this morning. I made the beads, and those blobs are supposed to be hearts. After church my friend Kevin took great delight in telling me his daughter said my earrings look like toilet paper rolls.
Out of the mouth of babes.


E Makes Art said...

hee hee! that's funny! but i think they're beautiful and the "blobs" DO look like hearts. you're getting pretty darn good at this whole bead making thing!


oh, and I love you "tiny head mosiac" in the blog post below ; )

Vintage Christine said...

Well, if little miss smarty pants meant that to be derogatory, she's got another think coming. I would LOVE to have earrings that look like toilet paper rolls! Actually, I would adore it if I could find little teeny weeny rolls of actual toilet paper. The earrings are cute, sweetie!

Kitty said...

I have to tell you i just totally laughed out loud. I had read this earlier in the day but just saw the title... wipe out! truly LOL'd