Friday, January 28, 2011

This Week's Winner - Hard On The Knees

Congratulations to this week's Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest Winner - Miss Amy! Your entry of "Falling in love is hard on the knees ~ Aerosmith" was chosen by a guest judge. There were several other entries that she thought were clever also, but she kept coming back to the Aerosmith quote.

Meet Miss Meaghan Downs, a Senior at Concordia University who is interning at The Seward County Independent.

Meaghan was here to interview me about the 'hats'. The ones that ended up in New York...You can read about them here if you missed that post. Making those hats is an on-again, off-again affair I have with yarn. Meaghan is quite professional and intellectual. My choppy sentences and random thought processes must have proved quite the challenge. I'm better at making things with my hands than I am at talking out loud... Thank you Meaghan, for showing interest in the hats and ~ especially for chosing this week's winner. It's not an easy task!

Miss Amy - send me your mailing address and I will send you your soldered glass pendant on a 24" chain!
I am off to clean out the Chica Casa - it stinks in there!


Unknown said...

Make sure you post us a link to the article when it is all done.
There were a lot of clever entries for this week's picture, for sure! i like her choice even if it wasn't one of mine ;)

watched a little american idol and i am really liking steven tyler so much more!! he's real and has a heart! and maybe one should be sent to him???

Amy said...

Yay! I am feeling a bit guilty since I won two weeks ago. I truly love this game!!!

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

rachel, you rock my world, little country girl.