Friday, June 5, 2009

Winner Week 31 - Kate and her WHAT?

Congratulations to Kate Spike and her KatS!
There really were some good comments this week. Clever women out there.
I like Kate's entry of "What poem by Yeats?" -
BUT - I can't believe that none of you entered "That was a good session, Doctor. Just put it on my bill." I would have....would that have won? Probably not. It just cracks me up.
Meanwhile - if you haven't visited Kate's blog, go there. I lost about 25 minutes this morning just watching her Johnny Depp show.
And now - I'm off to deadhead the irises.
Have a lovely weekend ladies! Kate and your Kats, don't forget to e-mail me ( your mailing address so I can send you your pendant!


Vintage Christine said...

oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!! Thank you sooooo much!
Kate, her Kats Boo & Poonie, Dee-Oh-Gee's Holly & Boogie, and Gracie the Blind Goat.

Country Girl said...

I love that! "That was a good session doctor, just put it on my bill."


Jacque said...

Love the eggs in the last post, there is so much beauty in nature! I always try to come up with clever ideas for your necklaces, but I have already won so I usually keep it to myself, I have to tell you I thought of the doctor idea. My friends say I am an animal whisperer and I always laugh and say they are my therapists! I also just noticed you have me on your blog roll, thank you so much, it is always nice to be acknowledge. Take care~Jacque

KathyS said...

Deadhead irises, huh? Now I know why mine are not blooming so well. Thanks for the tip, Rach, unintended as it might have been...Always something to be learned at Two Dog Pond!

Two Dog Pond said...

Thank you ladies!
Kathy - it's the chicken poop that makes them bloom well...