Monday, June 8, 2009

Necklace Contest - Week 32

This photo/postcard was taken in 1910. Quite the fashion statement.
So - here's the contest: you submit a word/phrase/comment that you think would be perfect for the backside of this image. Enter as often as you wish. One lucky winner will be chosen on Friday and will receive a soldered glass pendant with their clever comment on the back side. The pendant will be on a 24" ball chain perfect for wearing right out of the box.
If you have a minute, check out my new etsy shop:
There's not a lot in there yet, but hey - I finally did it!


Deb said...

Be there or be square

Looking for the square root of the problem

Who you calling square?

As a rule of thumb, I dress to impress!
Congratulations on your new etsy shop Rachel!

Unknown said...

If is isn't broken, don't fix it.

Tools of the Trade

"Barbie sold separately"

Fair and Square Repair

Cheryl Connell said...

"Keep it in the family"

To explain - I come from a long line of carpenters and wood workers - I even live with one! So that is what I would like on the back for me.

Congrats on the shop and I hearted you!


Unknown said...

"Build it and they will come" (Angels in the Outfield, I believe)

Jenny said...

hmmm, this one is a great picture all i can think of is the lyrics to the song

"I can bring home the bacon"
since it looks like she is off to work!
Congrats about the etsy shop!

Jody Blue said...

T Lee--I like yours

I'll give you a square deal
Its hip to be square
squares have more fun

Jill said...

This is my favorite picture yet--I'll have to try to come up with something!
You're going to rock on Etsy and CONGRATULATIONS on the sale right off!!!

Lauren Martin said...

Measure twice. Cut once.

If it ain't broke, you're not trying.

When the going gets tough, switch to power tools.

Unknown said...

She's a Dandy and Handy, too!

She's a dandy, handy helper!

Help Wanted: Experienced Only

Women have no limits to what they can do.

If you want it done, get a man.
If you want it done right, get a woman.

Unknown said...

Chicks Rule!

Mama K said...

Vice behind me, I've got the right angle now!

C'mon over here...Let's see if you measure up.

How do you aim this thing?

You've got the moves, I've got the angle.

No, honey, it's CURVES they want!! CURVES!

Betsy took a deep breath, squared up her shoulders, and then stepped up on the pedestal.

Unknown said...

How do you measure up?

Angela said...

Wow! There are lots of good ones to pick from! I guess I'll give it a try also.....

Anything he can do I can do it better!

vikki said...

Workin' the angles

Unknown said...

Whats in your toolbox?

Whats in your toolbelt?

Lauren Martin said...

Yes, I can open jars, too.

kris10dale said...

Anything boys and do, girls can do better.

I'm not your typical girl.

I'm not a girlie girl.

Anonymous said...

A woman is a man's most useful tool. or
A man's most useful tool is his woman.

or visa versa I guess ;)

I love this one. My husband is very handy and it reminds me of my poor attempts to help him!

Abbie O

Jacque said...

"Built for Fun"

Vintage Revamped said...

Let's build a better world. Are you with me girls??

Anonymous said...

I can do anything in heels


tracey said...

It's hip to be square!

tracey said...

These hips ain't sqaure!

Mollie Spieker said...

Broad where a Broad should be Broad.