Friday, May 22, 2009

Winner Week 29 -

- is Miss My3sonsplusone! Congratulations! Please email me ( your address and I will promptly pop your winning pendant in the mail. The winning entry is "Even though we are oceans apart, We are close at heart". Very sweet - doubly touching my heart since all three of my sisters live in Southern California and it feels like we are oceans apart {technically we are corn fields and wheat fields apart}. Anyone else have a sister or a friend that feels Oceans Apart, yet you know you are close at heart?
Let's all put our heads down and cry a little while, then write a quick note to the friends and sisters we all miss.... or... - pour a cocktail and toast them.
Betsy, Rhoda, and Bonnie - I love you guys!! Cheers!


KathyS said...

I'll be toasting you tonight! We really are only corn fields apart, yet it's the time apart that is oceans wide. I'm hoping we come through this summer. Will let you know. Toast!

Jill said...

Ha! love your label. I have friends that are only 70 miles away that I never see. *toast* Here's to old friends. Congrats to my3sonsplusone!