Sunday, April 19, 2009

Camp Photos -

Here are a few shots from the GPCAA (Great Plains Creative Arts Association) Art Camp I just attended:Art Camp is held at Camp Comeca in Cozad, Nebraska - seriously in the middle of nowhere... the camp is just over the top of those sand hills....

This is the Lodge where I stayed. There are also cabins available, but I'm too neurotic to not have my own room...

Let's start with the worst thing I did. This scarf was so ugly that the instructor wouldn't even let me pay the lab fee for the class. This is the scarf before I drew on it with Sharpies, squirted it with alcohol, sprayed it with Windex with Ammonia and sprinkled orange dye on it, and then microwaved it. Great experimenting, but not my favorite medium...

Norma taught us this beading technique. She spends the summers camping in Alaska learning new things...she's wonderful. That's my bracelet - She also taught a fabric knitting class where they made cute purses. I stayed away from the fabric.

Deb Brooks of From the Heart Creations (on the left) is an incredible jewelry artist specializing in Fine Silver. She taught a class on silver jewelry - there were some amazing pieces coming out of her class. Not mine, but some campers (like everyone of these women) made some beautiful things. I made a ring from an old printers plate of a map and a setting for a beach rock from Moonstone Beach... it's not done yet.

Audrey used to do quilting. Now she prefers a chainsaw to a sewing machine. She taught woodworking classes and then did a chainsaw carving demonstration. Amazing.

The best part about camp is the people you meet and the friends you make. This is Linda and Jaymie (I think I am spelling that right...) who are a mother/daughter incredible force of creativity from Colorado. They had to leave early because they were expecting 36" of snow back home.
I love you guys!!

This is my attempt at a panoramic view from the back of the Lodge.
Read on if you want to see more of what I made....
Otherwise - skip to this weeks winner a few posts down.


deb said...

Wow... you did a great job telling about GPCAA workshop, It was great to see you
i'll talk to you later

Kitty said...

wow, what a great time! i have to tell you the second i saw the beading you did it reminded me of the native bead work i loved when i lived in Alaska... you nailed it!