Sunday, April 19, 2009

Art Camp Photos - "The Box"

This is the box I made in "Metal Fun". Frank Brooks was the instructor. A man with tons of patience and the best power tools! He taught us how to saltwater etch metal, rivet, cut metal....
So I made this box....there are many things going on in the box. Deb saw Jesus in the box, and that started a whole bunch of ideas flowing. By 1am I had to stop...I dreamt about it and finished it in the morning.

I also made this mixed metal says "She takes pretend quite seriously". Frank had some "scrap" bent forks for sale, so I can't take credit for that part of it, but the rest is mine.

I need some tools.


Jill said...

Just great! My favorite is probably the metal box and mixed media but the stick furniture is a close second. Seriously, what a neat place to go. I would have opted for my own room too--

Bon said...

Is that a BEE in the BOX? If there is a a picture of my sisters and a piece of dark chocolate in there it would have to be my favorite thing you have EVER created. Love you! B