Sunday, October 12, 2008

Marketplace Festival Successival

It's always fun to participate in the Festivals held at the Liberty House. Yesterday's event was made even better because of the people that came to it. Incredible people. It's always good to see happy customers/friends, but even better when they come back for more. It was also good to meet the clever Miss Jill - watch for her etsy site coming soon...I don't have a clue what she creates, but know that whatever it is will be worthy of coveting.
As hoped for, my tent was right next to Leah from Moxie Photo and Design. (that girl makes Schlitz Beer cards that are a hoot! and she sold out of them before I could snag one)

....mmmm....and Aunt Jeannie's famous Pumkin Pie spritzed with Bourbon.

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Jill said...

aaahhh-you put pressure on me! I so wish I liked pumpkin pie-it looks delicious, my kids love it, I can make it, and it smells divine----but--just can't eat it--HOWEVER, I have never tried bourbon on it, could be my missing ingredient!