Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Celebrate Your Friends

When I lived in Dallas I met the most wonderful person at an SMU party. Neither of us were from SMU, and we started chatting and found that we had a lot in common. Kathy and I became great friends and had some wild adventures. We each left Dallas to pursue other lives and kept in touch at Christmas - Kathy always being better at it than me. This weekend Kathy came to Two Dog Pond for a visit. She's still the same amazing person - we picked up right where we left off 15 years ago...except this time nothing we did could have landed us in jail!! {I just threw that in to see if you are still reading this....}

Those t-shirts? I made them. Me and my Soft Scrub. If I can find the photos, I'll post the ones of us in Dallas in the sweatshirts I made back then - Kathy was always a good sport about being a model with me while our friend Monty pretended he was a photographer....

...Matt, Mark, Jonathon - your moms were dorks. But we had fun!!!

If you lived through the 80's - you're probably singing "what a feeling" from FlashDance about now...


Linda M. Cain said...

You guys look like you have so much fun! What a hoot!
Just a tidbit of info: my greatgrandparents immigrated from Sweden and homesteaded in Custer County. I visited my grandparents every summer(nothing like Disneyland)on the farm outside Arcadia. Grandma taught at a one room school house near Broken Bow....we could have been neighbors (distant) if mom had moved back to NE like grandma wanted!!! HA!
Thanks for stpping by my blog~

Jill said...

You two looked so tough! Ha-maybe your were?! Love your new t's--is there no limit to your talent?

High Desert Diva said...


I had those outfits!