Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Seriously Beautiful Morning

...this is why I love where we are. This morning I took the camera with me when I went to do my chickenish chores and this is some of what I saw. Life could not be any sweeter!

{OK - if I could lose 15 pounds - then it would be even sweeter. }
{and maybe if my studio would magically clean itself....}
{and if the smell in the kitchen from me trying to fry Pioneer Woman's Zucchini Patties would just dissipate...}


Jill said...

Thanks again for sharing, beautiful pictures and awesome necklaces/cards. Would you call that "steampunk" style? I stumbled onto that term a few months back and had to look it up. (I'm coming out of a sheltered few years!) Glad you are better from whatever had you down. Nothing like our bodies to malfunction to make one stop and see the sweetness of everything around you! (of course--it could have been the drugs)

leslie said...

Hi Rachel... Love your key charm necklaces and your notecards... I can't figure out where you find such original items to string on a chain. Love them!

I have a little tiny give-away on my blog... please check it out if you wish!