Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Window Progress

...the reason I'm in Anaheim is to build a window for the new Lutheran Center {it is beautiful}. I just ran out of solder and so thought I would post a pic of what it looks like so far. We used all clear glass - seven different textures - the cross will be 'stacked' - one layer on top of another for added dimension. I promise the numbers won't show when the piece is complete.

There is a glass store here called Beveldine. I felt like I was in a candy store except for that you can't really lick the pieces and it doesn't smell like sugar....Anyway - it's a great shop with the friendliest most knowledgeable staff. They teach classes too, so if you live in the area and want to learn anything about glass - go there.

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leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

Dear Jose you are talented. its beautiful. the numbers make it a paint by number. thats cool. except dont try to paint yellow over any numbers, that might not work. there someone will be a singin in church and they will see a '33' shining through the yellow.