Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Welcome Rumple

Farley went to "a better place" about a month ago after a brief fight with a rough illness...we'll miss him - he was a great dog.
Today we added Rumple to our family. We're Two Dog Pond again. He's the sweetest little puppy ever. Part Brittany, part Springer Spaniel, part Lab...

Reese knows he's going to have his hands full training this one, but he's the right dog for the job.

Eliot {handsome stepson} with Rumple - did I mention he has one blue eye and one brown eye? {the dog, not Eliot}


Jessi Nagy said...

how stinkin cute is he!!
i just want to squish him!!

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

ahhhh. do you feel that? its everything being right in the world again...two dog pond is once again two dog pond. congrats. he is cute as a button.

leslie said...

How precious. He'll help the hole in the heart that Farley left. I also wanted to comment on how beautiful your chicken house is... very inspirational!

kolin said...

i stumbled across your website as I was googling for the word Rumple. Your pup is so cute - full grown by now for sure.

I too have a pup named Rumple - about the same age

you can't say the name Rumple without smiling