Friday, April 25, 2008

First Window - done.

I finished the first window for the chicken house. There will be two like this and one longer, skinnier one in the middle of them. The window frame is really REALLY an intense blue. It's beautiful. I used the old glass from the original windows - it's that sort of wavy looking glass - maybe 100 years of chicken poo will do that to glass.


Jill said...

Good golly, if that's what is going in the coop I can't imagine what your house must look like. Too cool. I'm glad it's not in me to be jealous of a chicken.

Jessi Nagy said...

this is gorgeous!! i can't wait to see this coop when its finished!!
have a great weekend!

leslie said...

I love it I love it! I also made some windows for my tortise house a few years ago... it was my first stain glass project... yours are beautiful and those are some lucky little chickies!