Monday, April 7, 2008

Congratulations Are in Order

My In-Laws celebrated their 60th Anniversary this weekend. Incredible. I was honored to cater the event (never having done something like that before was a bit nerve racking) and with some help from friends and family, pulled it off. I also made these invitations for the event:

* * * * * * then I decided to spray paint these doo-dads for the chicken house. Since we are going to get Red Star Chickens {and one black and white speckly leghorn rooster} I made the stars red! Besides, you can't spend eight years living in Dallas and not want to stick a star on your vintage out building. Tim picked up the shingles and started shingling the roof - Red. My In-Laws find this all amusing - they think if a chicken poops on my stained glass windows I will have it for dinner (the chicken, not the poop)... anyway - here's the stars:

* * * * *

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