Monday, March 17, 2008


Operation Chicken Coop (under the direction of Captain Ryan) went off without a hitch. The coop has landed at Two Dog Pond and is ready for remodeling. It was a two-day event - the first day was spent getting the coop up on the trailer and transporting it, the second day getting it back off and settled down under the pear tree. Then it started snowing....will this winter never end?
Sometimes I get an idea in my head and just have to do it...such was the case with these match boxes. I bought some vintage match box images, scanned them, printed them and deco-mod-podged onto match boxes. Then I cracked myself up by adding a Two Dog Pond warning on the bottom side. "Warning: Play with matches / Wet the bed".
Happy St. Patrick's Day.


leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

i really really want you to have a FOR CHICKS ONLY party in your CHICKEN COOP. i will come. who will help me make the bread? I will said Leah and that's just what she did.

Jessi Nagy said...

haha these are awesome!!!
i love them!
so cute

Two Dog Pond said...

Thanks, Chickies!
Yes, Miss Leah - a chicks only party in the Coop before it's inhabited is a fabulous idea! Who will make the Pond Chicks Wine? I will said Rachel. And that's just what she did. Who will make the cheese? and the fruit? Aunt Patty, are you out there?