Thursday, March 27, 2008

Drink It. Break It. Wear It.

Here are a couple of Drink It. Break It. Wear It. Bracelets I made for a friend. She loves her Reisling in the Housewife size bottle, and her Baileys - so that's what I made her bracelets out of. The glass is thicker than the normal wine bottles, but it still took just three bandaids to get it all cut! ...and a closeup - so you can see the curve in the glass - this makes easier for the bracelet to curve around your wrist. Most of my bracelets have five pieces of glass, but Glo likes just three - and what Glo wants, Glo gets!

And a few of the pendants I've been making:

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leslie said...

Do you use a grinder to smooth the edges and get them even with each of the other peices? Lovely idea those bracelets!