Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Zentangle. It's Yoga For Your Brain

 A few weeks ago I started doing Zentangle every day. I can't believe how much better my brain is feeling now. Every morning I sit at my desk and learn two or three new tangles and then create a Zentangle tile. 
Above is today's tile... I added some color with watercolor pencils.

 Below is one of the first tiles I did. Above is done using a template and then filling it in.
As soon as I can get in, I plan on attending a Zentangle Seminar and getting certified to teach. Honestly - it's the only yoga I could ever teach and it is so good for the brain! 


acorn hollow said...

I keep seeing a add in our local paper for classes. I love the look of it but just not sure if I am patient enough to sit and do it

lynn bowes said...

Rach! Gorgeous! I love how the drawings are so 'freeing' and you're right. Yoga for the Brain.


Jill said...

Awhile back I watched some videos on this and I've tried a very elementary version as I'm pretty sure I have no drawing skills. I can see where it would be great therapy! Is there a plan for the tiles?

County Line Road said...

Absolutely Beautiful!