Thursday, January 9, 2014

Construction Progress

 It's hard to believe that cement can be poured in the bitter cold, but evidently it can. This was weeks ago, and it's still freakishly cold.
 Jewelry production is slow due to ummm, well, life.. but I did manage to get a few pieces to the gallery and have a few more to take over.
I am a member of The Cross Makers of Seward - a group of volunteer retired guys (and me) that make palm crosses. I maintain the etsy shop and do the shipping. There was an article in Thrivent Magazine that went out to 3 million readers. Needless to say, I turned into a Shipping Department overnight last November. Today I have just 105 crosses to ship out...
Sister Bee rescued a Husky Mix Puppy and named her Merci. They are living together at La Ruche while Bonnie is remodeling her mansion into a B&B.
I love puppy pictures.


Jill said...

I had to google La Ruche as I imagined it referred to your home but why? Now, I know. Some of us are a little slow. :)

Unknown said...

We are seeing pics of the extreme cold on the news here ... Brrrrrrr! Hope it hasn't affected you too much (as burst pipes and things of that ilk). We are expecting to be in the early forties (farenheit) next week! Amazing that you have got any jewlellery made - you are indeed a busy bee!! Hence the bee hive reference huh?!

Carolyn said...

Exciting!!! Always a good thing when men arrive with a big truck!

Kaitlyn said...

My dad was gifted a cross from the cross makers when he was at the end stages of his cancer. They are so nice. I saw a bunch of them too at the Christian Bookstore in Grand Island. You must be keeping busy just with that! I need to need to send you that necklace of my Mom's!!!!