Friday, July 13, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle Apricot Tree

 Quite a while ago (before the flood) I did a post about how I was using bedsprings to make different hanging lights... remember? On the 4th, I made some to hang in the apricot tree...
 last night I got outside to photograph them lit up.
 solar magic all year round.
this is some jewelry I'm working on. It looked pretty sitting on my desk, but none of it lights up on it's own.


sue said...

I love the lights - I am working on wearing down a local op shop lady so that she will part with a mattress frame (with lotsa springs!). They use it to hang cane baskets on and i want it REAL bad! Is that a compass in your piece? It looks yummy!

lynn bowes said...

You do the coolest stuff.