Monday, April 16, 2012

Lofty Goals

 I have a very loft goal of putting 20 items on my etsy "shelves" this week. I've been neglecting that little shop, and now that my studio/shop has been temporarily dismantled, I'm going to try and list some things. I really can't etch or light my torches or use the kiln (where is my kiln?) until the work in the studio is complete, so here's a snippet of what I'll be listing. Wish me lots of patience because the wind is blowing and that slows down the internet out here in the country. Ridiculous, right?!


acorn hollow said...

Good luck I get the internet thing we have to hang our heads out the top floor bedroom to get cell service.

Jill said...

So internet connection dependent on a non windy day in Nebraska....I wish you well!!