Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Week's Winner and A Guest Blogger

'Sup dudes and dudettes?! Rachel's California nephew Josh here. We're visiting 2DP this weekend so Auntie Rachel asked me to pick this week's winner and write a guest post. I'm a sucker for a bad pun, so watermelonmom's entry "I will love you for heifer" was just too good to pass up.

My family has been loving our time here at the Pond. My 19-month-old son (a total city boy, just like his dad) has discovered that eggs come from chickens, not the refrigerator. He is simultaneously fascinated with, and terrified of, Uncle Tim's riding lawnmower. And he giggles with glee when Rumple and Scootch run circles around him. I wonder what he'll think when we show him where milk comes from...


Rachel here - it's so much fun having Josh and family here!! We are in heaven!!

Mis watermelonmom - please e-mail me ( your mailing address and I will send you your winning pendant on a 24" chain.

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Bernie said...

Loved it!!!