Friday, December 3, 2010

This Week's Winners - Times Two

I chose two winners this week, and even that was hard! There were lots of good entries that would have made great pendants... Here are the two I chose: Heatherj's "Magic comes in moments easily missed" and Natalie's "Naughty or Nice".
Turns out, I'm so worried about Santa skipping over my house this year (that whole "naughty thing") that I couldn't pick a really snarky one to risk further alienation by the jolly old man.
Ladies - please send me your mailing addresses and I will send you your soldered pendants.
Thank you everyone - have a "Nice" weekend.


Vintage Christine said...

Great choices--I would've picked those, too, although I agree that there were LOTS of good ones.

Natalie said...

AWESOME! Can't wait to wear that for Christmas!! Thanks! I will e-mail you right away!! Wooo-whoo!

Paige B. said...

Yay Natalie..that's my sis! She's naughty and I'm nice. Ha!