Monday, September 13, 2010

Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest - Wild RIde

The time of year (in Nebraska, anyway) is perfect for motorcycle rides. Big blue skies, pleasant temperatures, 35 mile an hour winds... makes me want to put on my green jumpsuit and jump on the back of a big green bike with Tim. Closest I'll get is mowing the lawn on the little green tractor. Anyway - here is this week's necklace image. The contest is simple: make a comment (or 5 or 6) on what you think is a perfect caption for this image. On Friday a winner will be chosen and rewarded with a soldered glass pendant on a 24" chain.
Thank you for playing! Your comments make me laugh, and I know they make others laugh too, so enter often! Invite your friends! Pimp it on your blog - whatever you want to do! It's always good to make each other smile and you are good at it!


she dreams big! said...

Lookin' for adventure, or whatever comes our way!

Born to be wild!

Lookin' for adventure.

Oh Rachel, now I'll have that song in my head all day!

JunqueMagnet said...

Hop on Red!

Kitty said...

love this one Rach!

Lean machine in John Deere green

get your motor runnin'

leader of the pack

Kickstart my heart ~ Motley Crue

Anonymous said...

She lived to ride

Hit the road Jack

Do one thing everyday that scares you
-Eleanor Roosevelt

:) Jan

Anonymous said...

Never trade the thrill of living for the security of existence.

Gnarly on my Harley.


Jenny said...

"And they lived happily ever after"

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

how about "Come and get it"
(Well, it worked for the last one :) ha!)
We'll refrain this week & wish everyone good luck...

Vintage Revamped said...

We always roll together.

ladyfishfelt said...

I don't want to pickle
Just wanna ride that motor-cickle.

slight change to the original lyrics.....

Unknown said...

Easy, Breezy Riders

No Helmet, No Leathers......No Problem

"Don't cry to me when you crack your head open"
(hahaha, i have this image a mother wagging her finger at her children telling them "not to come crying to her when someone gets hurt because I told you stop it before someone got hurt!")

Look Twice, Save A Life
Motorcycles are everywhere

Cruisin' for a Bruisin' ?

Riders of the Storm (The Doors)

Bernie said...

Life is a crazy ride!

Unknown said...

She'll get your motor runnin'....the girl and the bike! ;)

Unknown said...
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Bernie said...

She's glad she didn't call the "Scooter Store"

Anonymous said...

Agog on my hawg!


Anonymous said...

Here's another...

Go hawg wild!


Unknown said...

Nice bug catchers! Errr, I mean TEETH! LOL

Jessica said...

This is how I roll.

Taking it easy

Well behaved women rarely make history.

Mary ~ I love "Never trade the thrill of living for the security of existence." Excellent quote!

Shara said...

Sit Down,
Shut Up &
Hang On!

(My 84 year old Grandmother just passed away two weeks ago - she had a "Get In, Sit Down, Shut Up & Hang On" license plate on the front of her little car. And, she was hell on wheels when she drove. You truly did have to Hang on and SHUT UP!)

lee said...

98% of all Harleys ever sold are still on the road. The other 2% made it home.

Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.

It takes more love to share the saddle than it does to share the bed.

Bikes don't leak oil, they mark their territory.

What do you call a cyclist who doesn't wear a helmet? An organ donor.

Work to ride and ride to work.

Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly.

We don't need no stinking highway!

Keep the paint up, and the rubber down!

Life may begin at 30, but it doesn't get real interesting until about 150.

Maintenance is as much art as it is science.

Burn rubber, not your soul, baby.

Never trust your GPS!

Crazy Cat Lady said...

Adventure. Investigate yourself.

Where are we going? Who cares!

Jill said...

No idea how you are going to decide this one--what great ideas!

Lorelei Lane said...

Ride through Life with Me!

Anonymous said...

Get Your Kicks on Route 66!

Anonymous said...

You'll Get Looks a Plenty on Highway 20!

Anonymous said...

King of the Road!

Anonymous said...

care free cruzin
riding together cheek to cheek
those were the days
wind in my hair without a care