Friday, July 23, 2010

Necklace Winner - She Loves Her Cowboy

I'm with Lynn on this one - Miss Kitty's entry of "Me encanta mi vaquero" is fabulouso. That cowboy is either a True Spanish Cowboy or one of the Village People....which brings me to why I chose this image for this week's contest: Evidently the YMCA has decided to become just the 'Y'. First thing you think of when you hear 'YMCA'? Wedding receptions and groomsmen fueled up on the floor dancing around and shakin' it for the ladies... So what will become of the Village People if all that's necessary is a Y? Who's gonna hire a cowboy who's good only at making an "M" shape with his body? I digress... Kitty - I'll pop your necklace in the mail to you tomorrow! Enjoy the weekend you fabulous bloggers!


Vintage Christine said...

Oh that is just toooo cute! I heard about that "Y" thing and was wondering what the "Y" is going to stand for. Just "Young"? What's that mean? Does this mean that they're letting in Buddhists now? Gosh darn it, why do they have to go all "one letter" on us now--what's next? Will we be known as just the "U" and forget about States of America? Oh, I can just hear Lee Greenwood now: "God bless the YOUUUUUUUUU..." It's enough to make a grown patriotic Amerikin cry I tell you.

Kitty said...

Wow! Gracias Rachel!

Would you please send my necklace to She apparently has a real "thing" for him. :O), if it has already been sent, email me your mailing address ( and I will send it on.

Happy Trails!


lynn bowes said...

I never could get past the first letter in the audience participation part anyhow so this is just fine with me.

And save me a cowboy in woolly chaps, Rach.

* sigh *
:: lynn ::