Saturday, October 17, 2009

This Week's Winning Necklace - Oh Baby...

Congratulations to *Bernie* for her winning suggestion of "Baby its cold outside". Bernie will be receiving this cute and sparkly pendant on a 24" ball chain for her clever suggestion. There were other great ideas too - you are all quite clever and wonderful. Thank you.
Bernie - please e-mail me your mailing address and I will mail you your winning necklace.
I have to apologize for this being late and for me being a delinquent was a wild week that included anesthesia and lots of soldering (not at the same time...) I'll get back on track.

There were some highlights this week too:
Garrison came over and hung out at Two Dog Pond as a reward for some very good behavior. We got out some of my tin wind-up toys.
Scootch slept quietly with her bear. Look how long her legs are already!

Rumple went ballistic over a little snake in the yard.

(it's in the lower left corner)

Life is Good.


Bernie said...

Rachel, thanks soo much for choosing my saying....your contest is so much fun! Bernie

Kitty said...

OK, i know I've been in Nebraska for almost 3 years but your snakes still FREAK ME OUT! What kind is that? it is NOT a gardener!!!!