Thursday, September 3, 2009

You Want Me To Do A Presentation On What?

Several weeks ago Deb, a member of the Staplehurst Women's Club, called and asked me to do a presentation at their next meeting. I said, sure - I could talk about my jewelry and do a demonstration on how to make soldered glass pendants. Deb said, " How about you bring some wine and tell us how to make it." So I did. We started with a wine tasting. That way what I said might sound more interesting...

It did to me, anyway.

After talking about harvesting, making the must, testing the Brix levels, blah blah blah. I did my Billy Blanks commercial for Two Dog Pond Wine Making. Just set it and forget it style. I thought I would share this with all of you - it's fun and easy!

Two Dog Pond Wine

Dissolve 3 1/2 cups of sugar with some filtered water on the stovetop to make a simple syrup. Set aside to cool. Rehydrate 1/4 teaspoon of wine yeast in warm water. In a glass gallon jug, pour 2 quarts of 100% juice, the simple syrup and rehydrated yeast. Fill the gallon jug to the neck with filtered water, swish it all around to mix it up a bit. Add an airlock to the top (a large balloon will work too) and let it sit for 6-8 weeks. Enjoy!

For the 100% juice, I recommend using Welch's Grape Juice or Ocean Spray's Cranberry Grape Juice. Anything that's 100% juice. Except Apple. Yuch.

And, guess what? I'm getting a puppy!!!


Formerly known as Frau said...

Whoo Hoo! yeah for a puppy!

Vintage Christine said...

Using 100% organic juice would be good, too. And Poonie says he ain't skeered of no dumb Boogie and wonders why you don't get a cat, instead?

Brighid said...

I really should forward your post on wine making to my DIL. Or maybe not, lol.
YeeHaa, a new puppy is great fun, work, fun, trouble, fun! I'm getting a new puppy as well. Haven't a clue why, other than something tells me it's time.
Oh, I got my necklace, Thank You. Now I'm hooked and will keep on entering.

lynn bowes said...

Yay! A puppy! wait. what? You made the move from pond wine (I know) in Staplehurst to puppy pretty quick, girlie. Or was it the Two Puppy Pond Wine . . .

the Vintage Rabbit said...

I didn't realize you made wine and all that!!

excited for you about the puppy!!! can't wait to see pictures!!

smiles, Joy~