Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moxie Pics from Two Dog Pond

Leah of Moxie Photo and Design, posted some pictures from her trip out to Two Dog Pond on Saturday. She is a fabulous writer and an incredible photographer. She makes Two Dog Pond sound like heaven! and me, like I know what the heck I'm doing... like in this photo of me trying to grab one of the Mildreds who promptly pooped on me - she must have photoshopped out the mud Rumple got all over my jacket too! See - she's amazing! She has a few more photos on her blog of the field trip she took, if you would like to take a peek. Tell her Rachel sent you. And if you need some photos taken, call Leah! Tell her you'll show her your messy studio and smelly chickens - she'll come right over! You win.

1 comment:

Pony Girl said...

That was a nice post she did of ya! And the face shot was fabulous, you are one lovely chica!
Keep up the great work...wish I had some of that talent! ;)