Friday, November 14, 2008

The Two Dog Pond Micro Sweatshop

It's a busy day in the Two Dog Pond Micro Sweatshop. Kim, the City Girl Gone Country (above) and Sam are helping me get ready for the The Seward Junior Women's Club Craft Show in Seward tomorrow. It's HUGE!
Kim has been working with me for a few months - cutting glass, organizing charms, drinking dessert cocktails with me, you know - the essentials!
Besides painting the great room - Sam has been recruited to put tags on the chains - AND - he's taking care of the Pond Chicas! They love him and lay eggs for him better than for me.
{There's been some crazy Union Talk going on around here - they're threatening to picket for better desserts and left-handed supplies}


Jenny said...

dessert cocktails....hmmmm! You might have to share!!

High Desert Diva said...

I want a Kim and Sam....