Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Open Houses, Jellies, Bucket Head

This morning I had my third Open House this week - Thank you to Becky and to Dawn who opened their homes and let me put trays and trays of soldered charms about. AND - to Pat at the Liberty House who let me set up for a wonderful group of Quilters from "Out West" to shop. Thanks especially to all the wonderful people I met this week and for supporting my habit!
The above picture is part of my display at Liberty House this morning.... When I got home I decided to catch up on a few things and to learn how to make JELLY. I don't even eat jelly, but would like to know how to make it. These are some wild plums I picked from the wild plum thickets on the North part of our acreage. {We call that area Widow's Point because when Tim spontaneously combusts, I'm going to build a log cabin on that 3 acres, move the chickens up there and sell everything else. Outrageous since we all know that Tim will probably outlive me by 50 years...} anyway - IF the jelly turns out, I'll share a picture of it. If it doesn't...just imagine how pretty it would have been.

After cutting up the plums and throwing the weird pieces in the 'scratch bucket', Rumple and I took them out for Cocky Rocky, Crazy White Chick, Mildred and the rest of the girls to enjoy. Rumple's job is to carry the bucket back to the house. He takes this very seriously and is quite proud of himself when he gets there without getting his head stuck in it.


leah - moxiethrift on etsy said... impress me. you have hunckered down and just plum became super woman.

Anonymous said...

May I come and live your life?

Jill said...

My son ran in a cross country meet in Seward last week and I had all of 8 minutes to stop at the antique store at Liberty House while my little gals were munching Amigos in the car. I loved those 8minutes! I didn't see the area where your picture is taken. I'm sure the quilters were taken with your work. The jelly looks delish!

Two Dog Pond said...

Thanks, Ladies!
The area I had my things set up in is inside - just off the dining room. Next time you're in town, Jill, you should take a little tour through the entire House! If there aren't guests staying at the B&B, take a peek at the rooms upstairs! LOVELY!


Anonymous said...

Rachel...Is this the sweet puppy that grew up so fast!?!