Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Windy But Wonderful

The Art Festival at Geo Spencer Vineyard on Saturday was great. I met tons of wonderful new people. Once they started wine tasting, the fun really started! The ideas for new charms were just pouring out of their mouths {in vino veratus} and I was laughing my head off!! ha ha plop. Anyway - Miss Leah of Moxie Photo was kitty-corner from me and in a much warmer and windier location... She is shown above with some of her new customers who were admiring her sassy cards, clocks, and other great stuff.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by my booth and chatted, shopped and amazed me. I will be back for the fall event on September 21 - maybe even to stomp some grapes.

Speaking of grapes....look at ours go! Last year I bought my husband a vineyard for his 50th birthday. {Some assembly required: digging post holes, planting vines, etc...} but sooner or later we'll have some Two Dog Pond wine to share - and this time the grapes will come from our own vineyard!

It's been the perfect weather to do some outside work - I just came in from painting the floor on the chicken casa - it's almost time to paint the outside...Yeah - my man did all the work! Speaking of chicas - here's my friend's daughter meeting one of the chicas - she wanted to squeeze her tight and love her! She was actually very gentle and sweet {even if she didn't like it when the chick was wearing a crown}. You can almost hear the sound effects! eeeeeeeee


leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

quite a fun {when i say fun i mean, windy and fun} day. i agree, when the wine starting going down, the conversation and laughter went up and purses came out. bring on the viyes.

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

who is that crazy faced lady in the first picture. you must post something soon so i do not have to see the scary girl when i come to your blog.