Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tiny Windows and A Red Rainbow

 I'm finding and finishing projects that I started before the flood and everything was boxed up. Shelley was very patient in waiting for the last two windows to be finished for her Hoosier cabinet.
A new phenomenon out here - this was a few days ago... a prominently red rainbow in the south early in the morning. We looked it up in our weather predictor from 1896 and it said that means rain. It rained to the West and to the North, but not on Two Dog Pond. Still - cool red rainbow. It's been over 100 degrees for way too long. The grass is even browner now...We're praying for more red rainbows.


sue said...

Phew it has been a long hot summer for you hasn't it? I do feel your pain as the heat is no stranger here in the summer months.Never seen a red rainbow -seems ominous - something you might expect on Mars? The doors are clearly worth the wait!

Carolyn said...

Windows are beautiful, Rachel!