Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Taking a Quick Break for These Commercials

 Since I'm taking Stephanie Lee's Pipe Dreams class, I've been using my micro torch alot. It konked out (wouldn't turn off) so I had to go to Lincoln looking for one. I found one at Lowe's. Then I thought - maybe the GlassArts Unlimited store will have some brass lamp banding, so I went there. While (OK, I'm terrible with names, but I think this is close) Lavender and April were looking in the back for it, I saw some glass rods. I asked if they were 104's. They then granted my wish of finding the mother-load of glass rods by saying "Oh, are you a bead girl?" Yes, says I, happy they didn't say, "Oh, are you a bead middle-aged-dirty jeans-wearing-uncombed-hair-looking-t-shirt-sporting mess?". They brought out the BEAD LOVERS SPECIAL box from the back... Holy Moley! Just $4 a bundle! Then, because they were taunting me by leaving them in front of me, I kept adding more bundles to my pile until there were only 5 left. So they sold me all of them at a bargain price! Even this box of stubbies! They were just wonderful.
 But - I'm going to have to take the torch back. A candle puts out more heat.
 Here's my second commercial:
I bought this MP3 from Amazon for just 99 cents. It comes with warnings that you shouldn't drive a car while listening.... it's very soothing and since I'm sitting here finishing up some necklaces for an order, it's perfect.  
 I looked under my desk and there's Scootch, zonked out with her eyes opened enjoying the music. In front of my desk is Rumple, totally hyp-no-tized and so relaxed he could float. I'm telling you, it's good music.
Luckily, neither one of them has to drive anywhere today.
End of commercial messages. I'm back to work.

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sue said...

the glass looks so pretty - it makes me want to learn how to use it. I am a bit of a 'fraidey cat when it comes to flame though .... Your pipe dreams have progressed so quickly - from incineration to inspiration in a few short days - you're a marvel!