Thursday, April 17, 2014

Not Quite The Same

 I tried my hand at white on black Zentangle. meh.
 Brown on Sepia Zentangle. Yes.
 I etched, cut, riveted, dimpled some heart pendants.
 ...and made a Confirmation Bracelet.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Zentangle. It's Yoga For Your Brain

 A few weeks ago I started doing Zentangle every day. I can't believe how much better my brain is feeling now. Every morning I sit at my desk and learn two or three new tangles and then create a Zentangle tile. 
Above is today's tile... I added some color with watercolor pencils.

 Below is one of the first tiles I did. Above is done using a template and then filling it in.
As soon as I can get in, I plan on attending a Zentangle Seminar and getting certified to teach. Honestly - it's the only yoga I could ever teach and it is so good for the brain! 

Today Is The Day. One Beam.

 There it is. Jimmy is putting up the first beam of our new little barnlette which will house my studio!
 More pieces I've been working on...
 Some for Judy the Hooker.
 Broken Souvenir Plate Pendants
 Some for the Red Path Gallery.
 Some repurposed pieces.
 More nudies in keyholes...

Ooh La La

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Inspiration Piece

I was having a really hard time deciding what the interior of my new studio should look like...
then I found this fabulous lamp. It has become my inspiration piece. It is, however, still too cold to start building, so I'm still dreaming.
Meanwhile, here are a few new pieces. I'm casting in bronze now...

These are on their way to Red Path Gallery along with this one:
"Shoot Like A Girl"

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Adding Color To My Winter World

 I've been adding color to my world. For a mostly black, brown, gray and white person - that's huge.
I'm getting better at the wrap bracelets... lots of color there.
 Turquoise for Judy, my Hooker friend.
 Dyed jade with a sweet little bird pendant made by Sue Laupp of Star Spirit Studio.
 Etched bullets for the Red Path Gallery.
 Rainbow Makers for your Inner Rainbow Catcher
I LOVE working with beveled glass.

 More etched bullets.
 A tiny book I made with etched copper and one of my Dad's German books... inspired by the fabulous Stephanie Lee.
A close-up of Sue Laupp's pretty little bird pendant.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Construction Progress

 It's hard to believe that cement can be poured in the bitter cold, but evidently it can. This was weeks ago, and it's still freakishly cold.
 Jewelry production is slow due to ummm, well, life.. but I did manage to get a few pieces to the gallery and have a few more to take over.
I am a member of The Cross Makers of Seward - a group of volunteer retired guys (and me) that make palm crosses. I maintain the etsy shop and do the shipping. There was an article in Thrivent Magazine that went out to 3 million readers. Needless to say, I turned into a Shipping Department overnight last November. Today I have just 105 crosses to ship out...
Sister Bee rescued a Husky Mix Puppy and named her Merci. They are living together at La Ruche while Bonnie is remodeling her mansion into a B&B.
I love puppy pictures.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Patience, Grasshopper

For two weeks we've been waiting for "dirt". 
Seems silly, but yes - dirt. Dangerous Dan is now on his way with a load of dirt to make the surface level. He needs seven more. 
I am again learning the lesson of Patience.
Meanwhile, people are coming and going staying for months/weeks at a time at Two Dog Pond. I am thoroughly loving having Sister Bee here. She just bought an old Victorian and is turning it into a B&B. More on that later...

Saturday, October 19, 2013

It Is Coming.

 This is it! This site of my new studio!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Things That Fly

 New necklaces I made for the Red Path Gallery.
 Most have wings. I'm listening to Jeopardy, so the correct answer, Alex, is "What are things that fly?"
 I was going to keep this one for myself. I love it.
 Tomorrow I am getting on an airplane and flying to San Diego.
This one is for a very special customer. She has the greatest beads and old coral to work with. This is actually two necklaces, but I like them worn together. I hope it flies.