Friday, August 27, 2010

This Week's Winner - Times Two!

This week's winner is Deb of Posted From Home!
She is an amazing photographer and is probably cringing at how blurry this photo is....I'm sorry, Deb... Deb has been published, she's that good. Go look at her blog!
Anyway - her entry of "She thinks, therefore, she inks." is perfect. It's true. If you're going to get a tattoo, then think it through - make it your own - make it something that is really meaningful to you. That's the advice my sweet son gave me when I told him I wanted one.
What's with all of you thinking of Dorothy when you saw this picture? The gingham? You're cracking me up.
BUT - nothing cracked me up more than Jenny's entry. I don't think she meant it as an entry, but rather was making a comment on why she doesn't have a tattoo yet. Here's what Jenny S said "My hubby threatens he will not sleep with me again if I get one...I am thinking of a flying pig!" Miss Jenny S - once you hit menopause, if that's all it takes, you'll have that flying pig.
Deb. Jenny. Send me your mailing addresses and I'll send you your soldered glass pendants on 24" chains. Jenny - tell us what your husband says when he sees your necklace.
New soldering iron arrived this afternoon. It doesn't feel as good as the last one...not as heavy and smooth, but it does a nice job of soldering. I feel whole again.


Linda Cain said...

Congrats, girls!

Jenny S said...

oh my word you are toooooo funny! I am so excited to have another of your beautiful necklaces! And my sister loves hers too! Thank you!

Deb said...

Thank you so much Rachel ~ not only for picking my caption suggestion but for your sweet, kind words ♥