Thursday, August 5, 2010

More From On The Road

Testy keeps playing in the traffic.... I had the privilege of growing up on the campus of Concordia Senior College in Ft Wayne, IN. This mural is part of the Te Deum series.
Below is a shot of the campus chapel. This wonderful place and the people who were our campus family influenced many aspects of my life.


Kitty said...

testy is a victim of a "Michael Jackson baby dangle"! said...

Oh, Miss Kitty, that's hilarious!!!! I'm seriously LOLing!

The very first test tube baby was Louise so maybe if this fellow is a boy, he should be Louie. Louie the Tubie?

T Lee said...
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T Lee said...

louie the tubie :)


rachel....where r u ? 7 days with no blog a search needed?