Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

Last week when I was without any of my soldering irons, I decided it was time to learn to drill through glass. I had ordered some tiny diamond bit drill bits before I went on vacation, so I got those out. I grabbed a spare dog bowl and a piece of scrap wood and a bottle of water and went to it. That's all I'll say about that since my husband works for the power company and we all know that drills and water don't mix.... BUT - look at the results! I love the new style of "Drink It*Break It*Wear It" earrings made from upcycled wine bottles! I've been wearing mine to test drive them and they are fabulous! (shameless self promotion) I also finished up some of these fine silver weeping willow leaf earrings:

Now I have two soldering irons again, so yesterday was able to finish up this necklace (it's a custom order for my beautiful niece)
AND - on Sunday, Sweatshop Baby (look how she is growing) brought her brother over to make hand-print stepping stones. We had him wearing a mask so he wouldn't breathe in any plaster dust...he thought he was a doctor....

the end.


Kitty said...

wowzers! I HAVE TO HAVE THAT BLUE PAIR! will you send me one?

KathyS said...

I want those weeping willow leaf earrings! Sweet!

Linda Cain said...

I love all of these pieces, but the Willow Leaves are my very favorite!

Leah said...

i love those willow leaf earrings, ms. rachel.

bahawhwhaaha, i love how you ended your post.

the end.

Vikki said...


One other comment... that Sweatshop baby is a humdinger. That is the definition of CUTE.