Friday, August 27, 2010

Necklace Winner Announcement Delayed

...I still don't have a soldering iron. This makes it impossible to make this week's necklace. I should have one in a day or two and will announce the winner then. Meanwhile.... here's a picture or two of Buff Daddy for you to enjoy. Turns out that Buff Daddy and Shizzle Frizzle are both crowing making them ROOSTERS. The chicks are growing fast and in a couple of months should be laying eggs!


Deb said...

How cute are they strutting their stuff :-)
Hope you get your soldering iron soon Rachel.
Have a wonderful weekend ♥ said...

Oh that just makes me laugh! Looks like a cross between a chicken and a shih tzu. What happens in the barnyard, stays in the barnyard.

xo :: lynnie

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