Friday, June 29, 2012

Gatherings On The Blue

 If you like Junking, head to Gatherings On The Blue. JillyBean and I went out yesterday to pick up some chicken nests for The Amazing Chris. Judy was gracious enough to let us do a little early shopping.
 The barn is packed inside and out, up and down.
 No more words. Just pictures:

 In case your cauldron has a hole burned in it - Judy has more!
 JillyBean fell in love with and took home a guitar playing Rooster.
The Pre 4th of July Sale is today through Sunday, July 1st. The 4th of July Sale is the 4th through Sunday, July 8th. There are numerous sheds and coops filled with treasures! Go get some!
For more information and how to get there, go here: Gatherings On The Blue


sue said...

Oh my. No words required! That is a whole lota STUFF! The rooster made me think of that movie Chicken Run.

lynn bowes said...

You know I have a 'thing' for wood stuff, boxes with advertising and such. That Birthday Candles box may have to come home to Davey.