Saturday, June 16, 2012

Back In The Studio and I Have A New Tool

 Between emptying a couple more boxes and cleaning mud off scrap tiles (for a future project) I got out the torch and did some lampworking. Ahhhhh.... it's been months and I missed making beads the most.
 Below is the New Tool. I ordered it right before the flood happened. It's called a Jelveh Design Key Mandrel. It's to hold a key or something else that would normally burn your fingers in the flame. Clever. Here's where to get one if you would like one.
 Here's the first key I made. I've always wondered how that was done. AND - always wanted to try it. Now I did. Anyone know what these keys with a glass bead on them are called or should be called?
 Then I got sassy with it and did three beads:
 I bought these display blocks and covered the plain white base with maps. Cute but kind of worthless.
I do like that you can make a title and slip it in the holder on the front.
 It really feels good to be back in my studio.


sue said...

They look fantastic - great colours and what a nifty tool. I am so envious of the blue sky in your pic - it is all wintry and overcast here atm. It rained too. bletch! So glad you have made it back in to your studio!

Jill said...

I bought a key with a bead at a bead shop awhile back and thought it was the neatest thing...and here you are once again making the neatest thing like always! I'm happy for you that you are back in your space.

Vikki said...

Very, very cool beads!!!