Thursday, September 9, 2010

What did you do today, Rachel?

I've been playing with fine silver again. I made myself this ring with my new mantra on it. "Be where you are." Hopefully it will help me to remember to focus on what I'm doing right now. Enjoy it. Live it. I put little screw looking doodads on it because I felt like it.
I made this necklace with some tiny orange gemstones I bought in Seattle and can't remember what they are. There are also freshwater pearls dingly off in non-asymetrical fashion. The pendant is another piece of fine silver I made this week. Swirls are good.
This necklace is red glass seed beads and turquoise. There are 3 little silver beads that 'wink' when you wear it. sort of. The pendant is a piece of fused glass I made.
Then I painted my toenails purple. It's been a good day.


LV said...

My, what lovely things you have created. I love all of them. With you making your own jewelery, you can wear something different each day.

Little Messy Missy said...

Do you custom make rings?

Linda Cain said...

Love it!

Deb said...

It sounds like a very good day :-)
Love all your designs ~ the ring is gorgeous!
My soldered charm necklace arrived in the mail ~ LOVE it and plan on wearing it all weekend ♥ Thank you Rachel.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Love that last one....also painted my nails purple last night....made a big muck of it & took it off today - guess it wasn't a purple weekend for me :)