Friday, September 17, 2010

This Week's Gnarly Winner

Hey folks. This is Rachel's son Jonathon - I was asked to pick out a winner for the weekly contest while I'm back home visiting Two Dog Pond. I am honored. Reading through the quotes you lovely ladies picked gave me a pretty hearty chuckle, and I had to go with a submission by Mary, "Gnarly on my Harley." I've always been a sucker for the word gnarly, and if I can do anything to spread gnarly awareness, I'm all over it. So Mary, if you'd send my mom your address, she'll have your necklace out in the mail ASAP. Congrats!


T Lee said...

That's Gnarly ! (errr.....i mean that's a good one) :)

Bon said...

Good job, Jonathon! Have fun with your momma - Love, Aunt B

Anonymous said...

How cool is this! I am a teacher and the principal of my school bought her first Harley this summer. I plan on giving it to her for a present! Thanks and have a great weekend everyone!