Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Contest at Two Dog Pond

Here at Two Dog Pond we make soldered glass pendants. Many of them are custom ordered and the rest are created for art festivals, craft fairs, home trunk shows etc. Usually they have a vintage photo/postcard/or collage on the front and a word or a saying on the back....
So here's the contest:
Every week I will post an image for the front of a soldered pendant and you submit a clever saying for the backside. Enter as many times as you want.
If your saying/word(s) are chosen for the pendant, you will win a soldered glass pendant of the contest image with your saying on the back!!
How cool is that? It will even come with a chain!
So - here's the first image:
Put on your thinking cap and submit a saying or a word for the back side and on Friday we'll choose a winner.
On your mark. Get Set. Go.


Leah said...

"i've got the baking powder"

of course, i dont expect to win since we trade regularly but that's the first thing that came to mind.

oh...and i will be plugging this on my blog.

Scrappy Jessi said...

"Here she comes to save the day!"

tee hee


Lisa B. said...

Is that a tobacco can she's holding? That's a question...not a suggestion.

"Look what I can do!"
"Girl Power!"
"Two Studs are better than one!"
"Harness your inner Stallion!"

Oh this is fun! I've got to pimp this one on my blog!!

Jenny S said...

Talley Ho!!!

hehehe! This could be fun!!

Lisa B. said...

"Girls just wanna have fun"

Eliot said...

Two horse pond?

(I don't want to win, I'm here for the Reese and Rumple photos!)

Joy@The Vintage Rabbit said...

"Queen of the Road!"

You could make car charms for ladies or men to hang around their rear view nirror! Just a thought!


Bonnie said...

"She was a two-horse woman in a one-horse town"

"Scooby Snacks, Anyone?"

"Charter Member of the Red Hat Society"


Jill said...

Aphrodite snags the last issue of Gladiator's Monthly.

Jennifer said...

enjoy all of your creations. thanks for hosting a giveaway!

"my daily commute"

"and I thought summer's eve made me feel fresh"

"what stay-at-home moms really do"

Anonymous said...