Monday, February 6, 2012

It's So Pretty I Can Hardly Stand It

 Admittedly, this post is for my sisters and my children who all live on the West Coast. It really is beautiful here in Nebraska. With all the snow and frost making things sparkle. Look closely and you'll see four Canadian Geese frozen right into the pond. I didn't even shoot them they looked so pretty sitting there. (I've never even shot at a goose - don't anyone go all PETA on me, please)
 I've eaten so many cookies that I couldn't stand to live in beach weather ever again.


sue said...

As someone who is not all that keen on snow I must say I am dead impressed with the sheer prettiness of your pics - just lovely! Still, as a sun loving Aussie I am happy to look at it in your back yard rather than mine!

Jilly Bean said...

I love the picture of the pond Rachel. It looks so beautiful. Good pictures.