Monday, November 1, 2010

Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest - Just Shoot'em

This week's Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest features my favorite subject: women with guns. The contest is one of my favorite subjects too! Here's how it goes: you make comments here as to what you would be a good caption/quote/scripture for this image. Check back often to see what other people wrote and get your laughs for the week. Seriously - there are always great comments made by clever entrants all week long! I love it!
On Friday a winner will be chosen (this is the hard part because of how many great comments there are...) The winner will be rewarded with a soldered glass pendant on a 24" ball chain. It's fun and much easier than shooting a coyote trying to steal your favorite lamb...


Anonymous said...


Some women are just pushy that way

Gunpowder Puffs

Pistol Packin' Mamas

Before ADT

There's always someone willing to take your man

We don't need your stinkin' sewing club

They never have to know they're not loaded

Girl Power

Aaaah, the subtlety of gunpowder.


Bernie said... this photo...

PMS...Pass my Shotgun!

Bernie said...

You gonna vote or what?

Shooting Divas!

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun!

We're going to see a man about a horse.

Go ahead, make our day!

Yep, we know how to use them too!

T Lee said...

The Mr. Moms are back at the cabins tending to the kids and home.

Huntin'and Fishin' for Compliments (or else!)

Beats Housework and Screaming and Fighting Youngens'!

Frontier Career Gals

Jean said...

My relatives are at it again

Deb said...

They aimed to please

Who said "Hit me with your best shot"?

Looking for an easy target

3-1 we'll get our man!

Safety in numbers

Lock, Stock & Barrel ...3 sisters are we.

Kitty said...

Blowin' away the competition

Goin' Man Huntin'!

Does this gun make me look fat?

Steph said...

Yes, I do shoot like a girl.

Steph said...

Got ammo?

Got gunpowder?

Heavily armed and easily pissed.

The ultimate in feminine protection.

Firearms. . .a girl's best friend

Emakesart said...

Bernie...PMS (pass my shotgun)....that's hilarious! hahaha! good stuff people!

Jenny S said...

PMS has my vote too!

You got me with this one Rach...
All I could think of was

"Just shoot'n the breeze"

Vikki said...

I'll chime in for the ultimate in feminine protection. Not sure that I'd wear it on a necklace, but LOVE it.

Vikki said...

Just scrolling down the blog and thought it was uncanny that there were three witches below the three with the shotguns. SOMEHOW you need to put the two photos on the same pendant. How fun would that be?

Anonymous said...

LOVE the "ultimate feminine protection" one. LOL!!!


Kitty said...

NRA: No Regrets Association

girls gone wild, first edition

All he said was "first one on the horse gets to be my bride"

Bernie said...

Guns and Roses

Anonymous said...

We're going on a Man Hunt!

Watch out for the quiet bunch!

This gang shoots from the hip!

Annie Oakley trainees


Kitty said...

don't shoot to kill, we need him to work the back 40!

the first woman's liberation movement. You move, we liberate you.

Lorelei Lane said...

Meet MEN-opause!

Shelly said...

Do these hats make our guns look big?

Shelly said...

I dare you to make me smile...

Who needs to smile, when you got guns...

I want paper, not plastic...

Therese said...

gunpowder and lead

T Lee said...

just want to say HA! quite a few clever, funny entries on this one ;) said...

Don't bring a fishing pole to a gunfight

Rachel - come see me at the Artitudes Show this weekend - 18th and O Street, 5 & 6 November. Incredible artists, girl. Maybe one day I can persuade you to join us . . . lynnie

Bernie said...

We are the rowdy section!

lee said...

" and big-game hunting, every day of the month..." early tampax ad

how late great aunt bessie inspired the phrase "shot to the heart"

god bless the mister who tries to come between me and my sisters!

teach a woman to fish, she eats forever. teach a woman to shoot, you better straighten up and fly right.

plenty of fish in the sea,
plenty of buzzards in the sky,
no man can sneak by us,
i'd like to see him try!

T Lee said...

You can always just shoot him and use him for bait! (HA!)

The menfolk can be short in numbers out here. A girl needs a competitive edge!

Anonymous said...

Just Shootin' from the hip.

I shalt not kill. I shalt not kill.

Don't MAKE me come over there and show you how its done.

Where are all the good men? Huntin' and Fishin', that's where.

If ya can't beat em', join em'

A huntin' we will go.

Anonymous said...

you are my shooting star.

Anonymous said...

If you can't beat em, then shoot em'.

Kitty said...

Shopping at the mall is for sissy girls.

I have no idea why, but as I was making dinner last night your "shoot em" image popped into my head and this phrase along with it! Go figure.


another one just popped in my head (CURSED THAT WAY)... what if you overlay a sparkly hair dryer in on the one holding the whip and call it "packin' heat".

OMG... getting more coffee now.

Hope your having a good week Rach!

T Lee said...

That's a whip and not a fishing pole?? I knew it wasn't a gun! LOL

puts a whole new bunch of ideas into my head!

Whip it good...Devo

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