Friday, May 1, 2009

Great Advice & A Pendant

Thanks to T Lee for her entry of "Always have a back-up plan" - you are the winner of this week's Necklace! It took me forever to roll the dice so the 5 spots were showing and then snap the photo while they were still moving, so I resorted to clipart... T Lee I have your address from your previous wins so it will be in the mail shortly! Congratulations!


T Lee said...

Oh WOW! Just as shocked this time as I was the first!

It looks really great, too!!

Thanks so much and have a super weekend!

Can't wait to my other one!!!!!!

T Lee said...

ooops..I left out the word 'SEE' in that last sentence

T Lee said...

Got the necklace and it looked great until my 3 year old got it and now the glass is cracked on both sides!! ;(

What can I say? Bummer.