Monday, July 15, 2013

Lashed Wrapped Bracelet Two Dog Pond Style

 I was asked to make some lashed wrap bracelets, so I tried it!
 I found many instructions on-line and they all said use size 12 beading needles and size D cord... I had some needles, but no idea what size cord I had so I guessed it was D and proceeded to try to thread it through the freakingly tiny needle. I bent the head - no big deal, I can straighten that with a pliers, says me. Then realized there was a giant knot on the other end....
...after fighting with needle and thread for an hour, I did figure it out and proceeded to complete the bracelet. I like it, but wanted mine earthier... I made some buttons out of deer antlers...
 last year Terry, the big-game hunter from Montana, sent me antlers, bullet casings, and turkey feathers.... I have been having fun with them ever since.
 This lovely skull hangs on my studio wall - a trade with Ed for a necklace for his wife.
I ordered some thinner leather, some size D cord and will attempt this again. If I was Chan Luu I would charge a million dollars for these...
The End.

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