Wednesday, March 6, 2013


 Sister Bee was snowed in here at Two Dog Pond with me. There was about 5 inches of snow - just enough to claim we couldn't get out of our pj's much less the house. We decided to make some paper roses out of old sheet music - the kind of paper with lots of cotton in it.
 We took the dogs for a walk right before the snow and cut some forsythia and pussy willow branches. I've had them in water since Sister Bee left and they are now starting to bloom. That makes me feel better. I am getting a wee bit tired of Winter and Wind.

 My seeds arrived from the Burpee Seed Company and are starting to grow. That helps me breathe - did I mention I'm tired of Winter?
  ongoing blooms in our home are the Christmas Cactus (it doesn't know when to stop) the Hibiscus (takes a little rest in the winter, but it's back) and the orchid.  Yes. I need growing things around me...
Miss Mady found my camera - she appears a bit tired of Winter too - 
Here's hoping Spring is around the corner (right after the snow this coming weekend...) we could all use it and then maybe I'll be motivated to blog about what I've been making in the studio.


acorn hollow said...

great post we are going to get some snow not much since it is a southern storm and we are in the northern part of the state. love the roses!

Jill said...

So you have a paper thumb and a green thumb. Glad it's not a green paper thumb or the roses wouldn't have been as pretty.

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